Mobile lifestyle? Entrepreneurship could be the perfect career for that

MovingAgainWhen I was a kid, we moved about every three years.  My dad was in sales and he was their “fix-it” man.  If there was an under-performing office, Dad was the man to turn it around and he was good at it.

The family always had to tag along, wondering how long the stay would be this time. I always wondered how mom handled moving from job to job. Now that I’m older with an entrepreneurial history, I see how beneficial it would have been for mom to have her own business.  She could have just carried her work with her if she chose the right business.

Being mobile and being an entrepreneur can be a great combination if it fits the business type and the client expectations. These days of mobile technology and virtual work-forces are primed for families on the go whether its roving sales reps or military spouses, entrepreneurship could be the career that fits best.

So how do you know if you are cut out to be a business on the move? Look at some of the following points and ask yourself how you feel about working in this type of atmosphere.

No bosses and no office gossip to put up with. If you have watched the movie, Office Space you know the types we are talking about.

Mobile businesses can actually improve the move. Provided your business model allows for flexibility you can keep right on working (and earning) while the rest of the family readjusts. Consistent income and employment will set the whole family at ease during the transition.

Clients come and go. With every move comes the opportunity to redefine your business, tweak the model and fire a few clients you need to get away from.  If you are in business long enough, you will end up with a few clients that just need to go.

Workplace culture is yours to define. No matter where you end up, you can establish work hours, run around in your worn out jeans and teleconference from the back yard. However, remember that being your own boss and answering to a client base does have its own set of restrictions.

Maintaining the entrepreneurial fire may be challenging. Some people find new surroundings exciting, others find it daunting. Entrepreneurial traits can help get you through both scenarios. If you are an independent, risk-taker who can find a creative solution to anything in your path, then you may be cut out for a self-employment career.

The Small Business Development Centers offer counseling and training in all things entrepreneurial.  No matter where you are or where you are heading, there is a SBDC nearby.  Call our office for more information on where to go.  Some offices are uniquely equipped to work with military families also.  Check out an SBDC and see if a mobile business might be a good fit for you.


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