Company culture is all about the size of the game room, right?

What's driving your company culture-Small businesses, for good or bad, are closely tied to the owner and their outlook on the workplace.  Unfortunately, when it comes time to hire employees, the owner’s outlook might not be projecting the kind of company culture attracting great prospects. Company culture entails a lot more than a ping-pong table and a fridge full of snacks. It requires deeper commitment from leadership and employees for it to truly hold meaning.

So what is company culture all about and how might a small business create one that is a good fit for everyone?  First of all, set some goals for what your company culture should bring to the table:

  • Appeal to top talent – People should want to work for your company.  So much so, that they consider it a privilege and will remain loyal to the cause for as long as you will have them.
  • Make customers want to buy – There are several brands that have a culture so appealing that customers pay premium prices just to help support the vision. Starbucks and Tom’s Shoes are good examples.
  • Give back – Company culture when done right, will make a positive impact on the community.  This is directly related to the first two bullets. The younger working generation has made it know that they want to feel a sense of purpose in their work and clients like to know their support for your business is doing more than just lining some CEO’s pockets.

Once your company culture is established, you should be able to keep a pulse on how it is working out. When employees look forward to work and find a balance between work and personal lives without degrading productivity, you are on the right track.  Employees who are not afraid to try new things and most of all, not afraid to fail will ultimately contribute more to the business operations. And as an added bonus, they won’t be afraid to play (and beat) the boss at the pool table.


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