Useful Links for Small Business Management

Below are some links that will help jump start your business.

Project Management is an online project management portal.  Basecamp uses cloud computing to store all of your projects, data and contacts in one place. is a project management application. This web based app is available for Windows operating systems and is also offered in the Apple app store.

Other Similar Sites…

TeamViewer is a downloadable software package that will allow you to remotely manage and facilitate team meetings, presentations and training sessions.
Skype is a internet based messaging service that allows you to instant message, call and video chat other users all over the world. is a customer service management tool. ZenDesk uses cloud based software that allows users to step up their customer service game.

Contact Management
Low cost email, surveys, newsletter distribution and light CRM (customer relationship management) is an internet-based fax and voicemail service that allows you to send and receive faxes without a fax machine or additional phone line. is feedback and helpdesk software that allows you to easily engage with your customers.

Dropbox is an internet-based file storage service. Dropbox allows you to easily store and share files.

Ecommerce is an ecommerce software site offering templates to enable clients to open a successful online store.

Other similar sites:

Account Management helps you send and manage invoicing online.

A similar site:

Customer Resource Management allows you to manage all interactions with your clients.

Similar sites:

Freelance Finders

The following websites will help you find freelancers and contractors.

Logo Design is a website where you can bid on designs for logos, websites and other creative pieces for your business

Web Design

These websites will help you build your own website.

Traffic Drivers

The following websites will help your website get more traffic.


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