Welcome to Global Startup Weekend (GSW)

Columbia, South Carolina is taking part in Global Startup Weekend (GSW) along with nearly 200 other Startup Weekends happening around the world.

Each year in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Columbia organizations get together to host Global Startup Weekend (GSW). Other organizers around the world also come together to host Startup Weekends on two weekends; Nov. 11-14 and Nov. 18-20 and this year there will be 15,000+ entrepreneurs in 50+ countries participating.

What does this mean for you?

GSW means you will get more:

  • Access to the Startup Weekend Global Network
  • Exclusive content, workshops, tools, and virtual mentors created to help you become better entrepreneurs
  • Exposure on a global stage and connections throughout our global community. Join the conversation during GSW through the GSW Hashtag Board using #GSW2016.
  • Resources to help you maintain momentum after the weekend

For details on the events and happenings in the Columbia area, visit the ColaGEW.org website and the Columbia Start Up Weekend posting.

A BIG thank you goes out to all the local sponsors for these events such as:

  • The Iron Yard
  • USC Columbia Technology Incubator
  • TCUBE Solutions
  • WXRY FM 99.3
  • Cromer’s
  • Columbia College

This year’s organizing team:

  • Jack Beasley
  • Caroline Crowder
  • Heather Dughaish
  • Kevin Fielder
  • Karl McCollester

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