Evolve Active Lifestyles Training opens for business

Milady Meadows is the owner of Evolve Active Lifestyles, LLC. She and her husband currently live in South Carolina; however, her business extends to every corner of the country! Milady is a personal trainer who delivers service via online sessions with clients at home, in the gym or wherever their workout takes them. The relatively new model of online personal training offers affordable and flexible training programs that yield great results.

When Milady is not writing programs, checking on clients, or making blog posts, she is usually working out and staying on top of house projects. “I love to powerlift and practice yoga!” said Milady when asked about her routine. Learn more about virtual personal training and take a look at what the example programs might include:

Evolve Active Lifestyle Training Programs Include:

  • 12 weeks of custom workouts based on your fitness level, available equipment, and schedule
  • Personalized meal plans written by the expert nutritionists at Evolution Nutrition
  • Recipes and grocery lists for you meal plans
  • Weekly email check ins
  • Weight, measurement, progress, exercise, and nutrition tracking
  • Constant access to me for questions and advice
  • Any and all adjustments needed to your exercise and/or diet programs
  • **COMING SOON** a private online Facebook community available to current clients who share similar goals to become healthier and stronger!

Check out Evolve Activity Lifestyles website


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