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SC SBDC Available Classes

Listed below are several examples of classes offered by the Columbia Area SC SBDC. Classes normally last two hours and do not require any prerequisite knowledge. Out learning atmosphere is relaxed and informal. We encourage participation and networking among the attendees. Watch the Training and Event calendar and our newsletter for upcoming class dates and times.

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Entrepreneurship Basics

How to Start a Business (No Charge) – Whether is has been a life-long dream or an impulse reaction to circumstances, you may find yourself excited about a new business idea with no clue how to get it off the ground.  This course will take you through what it means to be an entrepreneur and all the rules, regulations, taxes, set-up steps and strategies needed to determine if you have the beginnings of a new business or not.

Web Technology

Global eCommerce (Fee)  – All businesses these days are impacted in some way by the global marketplace. This course introduces small business owners to the challenges and opportunities of competing and growing on a global scale.

Marketing Your Business on the Internet (Fee) – Content management, social media, blogs, ad placement, website content and many other factors impact a business’ ability to compete online. Learn how to use the internet to promote your business efficiently and effectively.

Business Technology Trends (No Charge) – Technology is always changing and it is tough for small business owners to know what to adopt and what to avoid.  This course covers some of the latest tech-topics and how they might apply to small business.

Search Engine Optimization Tips (Fee) – Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a mystery to most for many years but the latest trends may have made the process simpler. This course will provide the latest information on SEO and how the average business owner can control their own destiny on the search engines.

Beginner WordPress Workshop (Fee) – WordPress is the most popular website design platform on the internet. From major corporations to Main Street, this software can be used for the simplest and most complex website applications.  This course will introduce the attendee to the concept of content management systems (WordPress) and the basics of design, walking users through the capability, application and strategy behind using this popular, flexible and capable software.

WordPress Next Steps (Fee) – Already using WordPress? Not sure what to do with it beyond basic site construction? This course will provide instruction on some of the more powerful aspects of WordPress and how to use them in a business setting.

Effective eCommerce Implementation (Coming Soon) – You have a website but it doesn’t actually sell anything. This course will outline the challenges of ecommerce, how to incorporate sound processes within a business to support online sales and show multiple ways to incorporate shopping cart capabilities into new and existing websites.

Google Tools for Business (Coming Soon) – It’s been said businesses live or die by Google. Let’s choose to live! This course will outline some of the most common and useful Google tools for business, how to apply them and what strategies might work best in a small company.

Cyber Security (Coming Soon) – It’s in the news and normally centered on major corporations. However, small businesses are normally the easiest targets for cyber criminals. This course outlines some of the most common risks and how to avoid them.

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Business Strategy Classes

Business Planning (No Charge) – Three versions of a business plan will be discussed, how to use them and strategies for application.

Strategic Planning (Fee) – What is it, how to apply it and what processes might be involved with your next strategic plan.

Marketing Workshop (Fee) – Everyone talks about it, a few actually do it but few are successful at it. This course explains various means of marketing a small business and allows attendees to share best practices based on instructor lead examples.

Small Business Sales 101 (Fee) – It has been said 80% of the sales are made on the fifth call or later.  Most sales reps never ask for the sale (ever!) and rarely make more than two calls on a client.  This course teaches basic sales pipeline strategies and discusses the challenges of making successful sales calls.

Pricing Strategies (Fee) – Entrepreneurs are usually at a loss when it comes to pricing their products and services.  This course covers the three most common pricing methods and why each one individually makes for a poor pricing strategy.

Financial and Accounting Classes

Small Business Financials (Fee) – Numbers not your thing? This class will explain the basics of the primary financial documents needed to operate a small business.  No accounting needed. Attendees will learn about the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Projections and gain a basic understanding of their purpose, how to read them and how to use them in decision making.

Payment Processing (Coming Soon) – Many stories can be told about the challenges and nightmarish experiences revolving around merchant accounts and newer payment methods. This course will help educate the small business owner on the challenges, pitfalls and solutions for today’s electronic payment choices.

Cash Flow Management (Fee) – Working 60-80 hours a week and don’t have anything in the checking account to show for it? This class will introduce you to a simple cash management system that will allow the business owner to manage their current cash flow and project future cash on-hand.

Specialty Classes 

Vetrepreneurship (No Charge) – US Military Veterans are excellent candidates for entrepreneurship. The SBA Reboot program is a one day course on how to apply past military experience to running a small business.

QuickBooks (Fee) – This course is an introduction to Quickbooks, its capabilities and basic set-up. It primarily focuses on the off-line version of the software, not the cloud-based version. Advanced courses are also available if pre-arranged and conducted by an accounting professional.

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